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The international team of places highest importance on a reliable and effortless proceeding of a deal, no matter, if you are selling or buying a car. Discretion is of utmost priority and we accommodate the needs of our clients.


The process is individual for every customer and car, but there are certain standards we generally adhere to. It is important to us to work with certified sources and provide utmost security to both sides of a deal. That encompasses an unambiguous identification, which laso can be ensured by a lawyer or notary handle to keep anonymity on both sides.


Before an identification and certification, we`ll never disclose detailed vehicle data, information or pictures. Only if a safe transaction is guaranteed for both sides, the sales process can be proceeded.



Why don´t you provide pictures and more data of your inventory?

Our exclusive vehicles are limited special, one-offs or rarities. All further detailed data, as well as pictures and videos are strictly confidential and very sensitive. In order to avoid abuse, we can only provide further information or a personal appointment only to a valid approved client.

Why do you need customer´s identification?

Personal identification is necessary to ensure safety for both sides of sales. Should you wish to remain anonymous, your data remains solely with us. We only use your identification to facilitate the deal in question, never for any other reason. Your data is safe with us because discretion is of utmost importance to us.

How high are delivery costs and where can you deliver to?

The cars can basically delivered anywhere in the world, notwithstanding countries with special import restrictions. All given prices are ex-location without delivery costs, local taxes (VAT) and duty taxes. National deliveries are usually facilitated through special closed and insured transporters. International transports are done with insured airfreight. The exact costs vary from country to country, so a concrete summary can only be given during the sales process.

If you have any additonal question, don´t hesistate to contact us